Steel Panther

Irving Plaza, NYC

by Noel Edge (April 18, 2012)

In 5 Words or Less Live from's Steel Panther Night! (ok, not quite 5 words)
Affiliation with KNEW GEN None
Genre Parody of 80's metal (check out vids at the bottom of the page)
Performance & Production

This was my first time to Irving Plaza.  It's a cool place with tons of atmosphere.  Lot's of great stage views and plenty of bar space too.  So what was it like on Steel Panther night you ask?  Jammed and energized!

The doors opened at 7pm and I showed up at 8pm.  The boys did a meet & greet with VIP ticket holders from 8:15-8:30pm and then took the stage around 9:15pm.  There was a DJ rather than an opening act, so you can show up a couple hours after the doors open and not miss a thing (unless you have VIP tix).

I've seen Steel Panther a number of times before (click these links for my review of the Sayreville show and pics), but never in NY.  As always, the boys kicked ass.  The NYC fans rocked (they were loud and knew the tunes), but the guy-to-girl ratio was way too high.  And folks, leave your NY Giants jerseys at home when you go to your next Steel Panther show - show some 80's metal spirit!

Instead of sharing another Steel Panther photo gallery, a description of the rockin show, their God-blessed talent, etc., I decided to get as much of the show on video as I could so that those of you who haven't seen them live can "feel the steel" (including the interaction with the NYC crowd).  Sorry for the "Blair Witch" effect in spots, but the place was packed.  Check the vids out on YouTube through the links below.  Enjoy and don't forget to hook your external speakers up to your laptop!!!

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Check out the vids on YouTube

"Fat Girl" & "Asian Hooker"

"Community Property" & "Party All Day"

"It Won't Suck Itself" & "Death To All But Metal" (WARNING!!! Video contains topless chicks making out...mmmmm...)

"Supersonic Sex Machine" & "17 Girls In A Row"