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Roast Pork Sandwich (April 2011)

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In 5 Words or Less Make room Philly cheesesteak!
Value Paid $8 » Worth $8
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The Verdict This is the standard against which all other pork sandwiches should be measured! The hoagie was fresh and slightly crusty. The pork was tender and succulent. Unlike many other pork sandwiches, this one relies on the taste of the meat and does not contaminate it with barbeque sauce. The pork is laid on a bed of sharp provolone, drizzled with roasting juice and topped with broccoli rabe. The rich flavors combine to make the best pork sandwich I've had to date. While comparing it with the Philly cheesesteak would be like comparing apples to oranges, this sandwich is a 'must have" if you're in the Philadelphia area.

The lineups at Tommy Dinic's can get long, but they move quickly. If you find a seat at the counter, you get served right away.
Location Reading Terminal Market, Philadelphia PA

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