Talk That Talk (Deluxe Edition)

by Melanie

In 5 Words or Less

Flirty, Girly & happy J


Paid $12.99 and so worth it!

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Genre and Mood


Notable Tracks

You Da One” gets stuck in your head! You’ll be singing it all day! “We Found Love” if you haven’t already heard it all over every hit radio station… you’ll probably find yourself dancing and bopping to the beat while driving! “We All Want Love” really shows how beautiful her voice is and why she’s so talented! “Farewell” is just overall a beautiful, powerful slow song.


Calvin Harris; Jay-Z

My Overall Opinion

Talk That Talk is Rihanna’s sixth album and I can see why she still has topped the charts and has hit songs all over the world. Her Talk That Talk album is even more brilliant than the last and she’s definitely in it to win it. She is so musically talented whether she is singing a slow ballad and showing off her astonishing vocals or singing an upbeat club mix, she knows what she’s doing and this is definitely an album worth buying!

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