Pistol Annies

"Hell On Heels"

by Noel Edge (August 2011)

In 5 Words or Less Ready for a Pistol whippin?
Value Paid $10 » Worth...at least as much!
Affiliation with KNEW GEN None
Explicit? Some "s-bombs" in "Trailer For Rent"
Genre and Mood Pure old-school country (except for the lyrics)
Notable Tracks "Hell On Heels" (oh I wish I were a "sugar daddy"), "Bad Example", "Trailer For Rent", "Lemon Drop" and "Takin' Pills" - it really doesn't make much sense to list all the tracks does it?
Songwriting & Musicianship Well-written songs; very melodic with plenty of well-performed harmonies and infectious choruses (although some might find it odd for a guy to be walkin down the street singin "I'm hell on heels", then again...maybe not). Pistol Annies' trio of vocalists (Miranda Lambert, Ashley Munroe and Angaleena Presley) have distinct styles that shift from soft, sweet and sultry, to sharp, sassy and sexy (but always country). While the album sound is reminiscent of the Dolly/Loretta/Tanya days-of-old, these country-rebel ladies don't sugarcoat a thing. Sure, they may tell tales of blue-collar country girls workin for a livin, but they're not afraid to broach subjects like pill-poppin, smokin, drinkin, "manizing" (as opposed to "womanizing") and tellin it like it is. Some clever lyrical rhyme schemes too!

These ladies are strong vocalists whose styles mesh well together. The band members are skilled and their music provides a concrete backdrop from which the vocals flow.
Production Great production on this album. Nothing gets lost (or is overpowering) in this unmistakably-country mix.
What Else You Should Know What I'd like to know is...when are they coming to NYC?

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