"Truth or Dare"

by Noel Edge (April 2010)

In 5 Words or Less Dark, deep and heavy!
Value Paid $10 » Worth $8
Affiliation with KNEW GEN None
Explicit? Occasionally.
Genre and Mood Industrial metal. Dark and somewhat disturbing lyrics (creepy at times - listen to "Ready or Not (I'm Coming)"). This album would set the mood for fetish night at your favorite "frightclub".
Notable Tracks "Ready or Not (I'm Coming)" rocks! As do "God Is a Popstar", "The Final Match", "Labrynth", "Crucified" and "Sandman".
Songwriting & Musicianship The key to Truth or Dare lies in its intense, hard-driving tunes. The slower songs just don't compare. It took me about 30 seconds before I found myself rockin-out in my car with the album cranked.

Th musicianship is absolutely average. The vocals are fairly distinct though (in a good way).
Production The drum sound stands out and is what you would expect on an album like this. Huge kick drum and crisp snare. The guitars are over-saturated to the point where some tone is lost at times. Given the genre, the mix works.
What Else You Should Know The album is available in German. Although I haven't obtained a copy yet, I plan to. I'm looking forward to the next album by Oomph!

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