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American Idol (judges & constestants) can suckit!!!

I haven't tuned into this show for quite a while. [what a waste of time]

But tonight, as it turned out, was Beatles night and I had nothing to watch after Survivor [I really only watch to hear Jeff Probst say "I'll go tally the votes" so I can say "I'll go tally my wacker", yes I still laugh after all these years at my cheesy joke - go tally your wacker haaard Jeff!]

First, Simon Cowell was a genius to get out when he did. [creator Simon Fuller should have pulled the plug on the show after he left]

Second, nobody on this show has really impressed me since Carrie Underpants. [I picked her cuntry pants to win early, straight and haaard]

Third, not one of the contestants sang a Beatles song with any rock influence or emotion!  All I heard were renditions of "The Beatles on Broadway!" [at least Constantine had a great rockin voice and sang with emotion...even though he had to settle with a Broadway career (not so bad though Constantine)]

Now, for my review of the current judges...

Keith [I liked you better when your were drunk and didn't give a shit about pleasing every person on Earth]

Randy [dawg? nuff said after all these years]

Mariah [you don't have to sugarcoat critiques - you are the most honest of the bunch, just tell it like it is]

Minaj [after your music "career", may I suggest that you remake a great flick but title it "Niki Does Dallas" - maybe then we can see you on screen without having to wonder why goo spews out of your mouth so freely]

that's my take...what's yours?




Help me choose my dress!!


Help me choose my dress!!

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