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Monday Night Football! Dam that Rivers!

Well I was going to switch channels and watch grass grow at the half, but then I thought...there are only 2 QBs that could come back from 24-0 at the half (Peyton and Brady).

So I left MNF on.  On the kickoff, I [like every other fan] said "if the Broncos score on the first drive and the defense holds, we've got a game".  And that's just what happened...over and over again!

Not that I hate the Chargers, I just can't stand Phillip Rivers.  When he gloated after narrowly beating the Patriots with Matt Cassels at the healm (when Brady went out for the year in the first game), I lost any respect that I had for him [ok, I didn't respect him in the first place - I think he and Romo outta open up a chain of rib shacks].  The loss couldn't have happened to a better guy.

Thanks for the show Broncos!  Phil? How does it feel to have your mouth washed out with Peyton?

That's my take, what's yours?





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