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Give a Standing Ovation for the NFL Referees Return!!!

The replacement refs' officiating has gotten progressively worse over the past couple of weeks, capped off by the games on Sunday and Monday nights.

First, the Patriots got shafted against the Ravens.  An imaginary holding call on Gronkowski and a non-existent pass interference call on Edelman (negating a first down) on back-to-back plays in the second quarter.  Neither Al nor Chris agreed with the calls either.  What a momentum killer.  Then there was the Ravens TD with pass interference by the Ravens, which was overruled by the other ref (i.e. no pass interference).  Result?  TD!  [Why throw the flag if there was no pass interference?]

Let's not forget the offside call on the Patriots during the Ravens punt which the refs wrongly enforced giving the Ravens a first down instead of forcing 4th down, or the questionable field goal call at the end of the game.  [I still think there should be cameras facing upwards on the uprights.]

The icing on the cake was MNF and the Packers getting robbed of a win.  First, the interception in the 4th quarter by the Packers deep in the Seahawks zone should have been upheld - there was no "roughing the quarterback".  Second, the pass interference call on the Packers later that drive should have gone against the Seahawks.  And lastly, the winning TD catch by the Packers, I mean the Seahawks, to end the game was absurd.  Simultaneously, one ref called INT and the other called TD.  How can a guy who brings the ball into his chest with both hands not be judged to have caught the ball, rather a guy with one arm wedged in between the arms of the guy who caught it be given the reception?!?

I will be glad to see the old refs back tonight and they deserve a standing-O.  The replacements were terrible.  They made a lot of calls and non-calls favoring the home teams and many of those calls were simply absurd.  [I guess it's easier to go for the home team and keep the crowd on your side.]  Refs shouldn't be deciding games, the players should be and although the returning refs will make the odd bad call/non-call, it won't be anything like what we've seen so far this year.

The poor job done by the replacement refs did result in an NFL first however...never before has an NFL quarterback thrown an interception in the end zone to win a game.

That's my take, what's yours?




Help me choose my dress!!


Help me choose my dress!!

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