The Melting Pot


Fondue Dinner For Two (July 2011)

In 5 Words or Less Fondue fun without the cleanup!
Value Paid $100 » Worth $80
Affiliation with KNEW GEN None
The Verdict The Melting Pot's atmosphere is laid back and fun. You get to enjoy the fondue specialties of your choice (cheeses, veggies, meats, seafoods and desserts) without having to prep the food or cleanup afterwards. All your fondue needs are either brought to your table or are part of the table itself (i.e. the burner for the fondue pot is contained in the center of the table).

The Melting Pot Menu is extensive and the wine list is plentiful (we enjoyed a Gewürztraminer very reasonably priced at $36 per bottle). We decided against the 4 course meal (we were a little "appetite challenged" last night) and opted for individual entrées: the "French Quarter" (4/5 pieces each of filet mignon, chicken breast, shrimp and Andouille sausage smothered in a delicious Cajun dry rub) and the "Seafood Trio" (6-8 pieces each of shrimp, scallops and cedar-plank salmon), with the coq au vin cooking broth (very tasty). I suggest sharing entrées such as the Quarter and the Trio (and any others that appeal to you) to maximize variety and experience the different flavors. Each entrée was served with a salad (fresh and appetizing) and a mix of veggies (which cook in the fondue broth). Cooking time is about 2 minutes for meats, 1.5 minutes for seafood and 6 minutes for veggies (longer for potatoes).

As for the service, I was disappointed at the beginning. We had been there for almost 20 minutes and all we had on the table were two empty wine glasses. Maybe it was an off night or we just sat down at a bad time (but it wasn't busy the day after Independence Day). Either way, the initial service needed improvement (this largely accounts for the 20% reduction in 'Value" above). But after we got the staff's attention, they really stepped up the service. Andrew was pleasant, informative and attentive for the rest of the evening.

Some may say that fondue is rather expensive given the portion sizes. I disagree. This is specialty cuisine, not nachos and burgers. If you want quality food, fun and a satisfying meal (i.e. eating smaller portions of quality food over a longer period of time) without feeling disgustingly full (i.e. stuffing down processed junk food as fast you can), then give The Melting Pot a try...although, there's nothing wrong with scarfin' back junk food from time-to-time either (wink, wink).
Location 100 Sinatra Drive, Hoboken, NJ