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How can they be called "rights" when they feel so wrong.

 Good intentions I admire them, respect them, I even have them sometimes.My parents did an excellent job of teaching me to "do the right thing".Unfortunately,good intentions can blow up in your face literally and figuratively.

 Once upon a time some well intentioned lawyers, leaders and such came up with the International bill of rights.The idea was to give equal rights to every single human being on Earth.Some people caught on,some didn't.In a lot of ways it has failed miserably.It didn't rid the world of slavery,it didn't achieve equality It changed things for the better (for a while) but in this modern world it is outdated.Much like alot of ancient doctrines(the constitution,the bill of rights and what the hell I'm gonna throw in the bible too) it carries too much weight.It's now getting to the point where it's doing more harm than good.

 Examples are all around you. Sept.11,Sandy hook elementary school,Boston bombings, you've heard and seen all the high profile cases. Atrocities are committed thousands of times a day on this planet,and in a large percentage of them,the person who committed the crime was walking the streeets legally.even more disturbing is the fact that they are entitled to the same rights and privledges that you and I are. You may have heard the saying "the road to hell is paved with good intentions" Well we're on it. With the pedal to the metal.

 Human rights are great and everything,but maybe we should redefine "human" because to me, if you're missing the part of your brain that stops you from killing people,you aren't human. There has been enough medical advancements made to determine if something is wrong at a very young age. Unfortunately,that would be violating the poor little psychopath's rights,and there's enough manipulators,shysters and do-gooder willing to wave their piece of paper and fight for the rights of these nutcases.

 The rights of the few should not outweigh the safety of the public. Yet they do,and this to me, is backwards. By giving the same rights to these nutcases you take away the right to health, safety and freedom from the rest of us. All the things that these fancy pieces of paper promised us. It is not logical. It is NOT democracy.

  Maybe I'm the one who's crazy,but this doesn't make sense to me. Why don't some scientists (real science not sociology,psychology, criminology etc.) and some MEDICAL doctors come up with a kinda "crazy test" or something,maybe with degrees of "craziness".I don't have all the answers,all I know is that currently a crazy person has to check themselves into the looney bin.How the hell are they supposed to know when it's time to check in? are the voices in their heads gonna tell them? we're counting on crazy people to do the right thing now? C'mon man! that's crazy talk!

  You can sit there and hope that it's gonna happen,good luck with that,but it's far more likely that the nutcase is eventually gonna snap and start shooting, stabbing, strangling bombing and burning. Then we'll pay a bunch of idiots to run around trying to figure out "what happened"? After that we're gonna pick up their legal tab,house them, feed them and raise their children on the taxpayers tab of course.

 It would probably work better if we used technology and LOGIC to solve the problem,but all those people would lose their cushy jobs.Well sorry,but I'm more concerned about the safety of myself and my family than I am about making some "social workers" boat payment.Call me crazy.

 Something has to happen before one of these nutcases gets their hands on a BIG bomb and wipes us out.You won't be fighting for their rights when you're in pieces will ya? We need to make sacrifices.We need to change and modernize our way of thinking. Shred those outdated documents and go back to the drawing board.Learn from the past,don't live in it! That's all I ask!


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When did "don't talk to strangers" become "make strangers dreams come true"?

Are you one of those people who thinks like the character from that movie,you know the one who always depends on the kindness of strangers?If so,you better give your head a shake.It would be nice to think that people care about each other as much as they do about themselves,but who practices this policy? I know I don't.I don't see a lot of strangers doing great things for me either.I don't have a problem with that,but there's way too many people in this world who pat themselves on the back for making the world a better place and are doing sweet fuck all.As a matter of fact,they are doing more harm than good with their very existance.How? by championing the causes of other total strangers.You know these people who claim to be helping "the poor"even though the people they're supposedly helping could give a shit about them.Even worse, the stranger might be pure evil.So now we're helping out evil people?Same goes for these immigrants/refugees and the people who welcome them with open arms,proclaiming that "they're just like us". BULLSHIT! they can go ahead and put themselves in that company,but do not include me.A large percentage of countries in this world have sickening and horrible belief systems.They aren't like me! I respect women,I have manners,I wash my hair and everything! Why do these people keep doing this when it isn't working? because they have something to gain.It may be money;The government is supposed to be balancing the books,they're failing miserably.The justice system is supposed to keep dangerous,disturbed scumbags from walking our streets,living in our neighborhoods, they don't.The education system is supposed to be making people smarter.I don't see ANY proof of that.The health care system is a racket.They all get paid though, and mostly with our money.Do I need to go on? Even if they aren't getting paid, there's people who are into this whole "giving feels good' thing. They do it to make THEMSELVES feel good.Get it?All the hope and faith you put in total strangers is biting us in the ass!Then there's the suckers who fall for it.That's right, I'm stuck between the shysters and the suckers. Thanx society.I probably can't change the shysters,but I might be able to make the suckers think twice.This is a situation where I'm trying to do what's right for myself,but a whole bunch of people benefit.Which is cool! Next time a total stranger says "I'm gonna do wonderful things just give me a whole bunch of money first",Be leary ,dig, get a calculator and see where you're money's going,because you don't want to end up like the lady from the movie.(she gets raped by her brother in law) because she trusted him and he was pretty much a stranger.She was a sucker.Don't be a sucker,that's all I ask.


































































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95 per cent of us don't know the difference between fact and opinion......that's scary!

"Opinions are like a**holes,everybody's got one!".I'm not sure you've ever heard that one before,it may be confined to construction sites and stripper bars.If you haven't heard it,consider it a freebie.I'd also like to contribute my own add-on "and most of them stink!" as a bonus to my readers. There are too many people in this world who don't know the difference between "fact" and "opinion".Then there's the dreaded "grey area" which creates an even bigger mess.Don't worry though Uncle Adolph is here to sort it all out for you. "2+2=4".Fact.It cannot be disputed,argued or disagreed with.It is correct,it is the truth."God (take your pick)created the Earth".Opinion.There's plenty to argue,disagree and dispute.It seems pretty simple to me,yet 95 per cent of the Earth's population apparently doesn't get it.Not only that,but people are willing to engage is bizarre rituals,drape themselves in all kinds of uncomfortable,impractical attire,spend billions of dollars,murder,rape and start wars in the name of the god of their choice,hoping to be rewarded in some sort of afterlife.That is horrible,ludicrous,disturbing ,perverted(opinion) yet it happens everyday.(fact) It doesn't end there.The manipulators,brainwashers,shysters and oppressors of the world caught on to how gullible most people are a long time ago, and use it to their advantage."If they'll beleieve that they'll beleive anything." Now you can't the government/justice system/educational system or even the "science" world to deliver the facts.Sociology,psychology,criminology and a whole bunch of the other "ologies" are voodoo science (this is the aforementioned grey area)There are no formulas,solutions or proof involved.They are opinions that were written in a book a long,long, time ago that are read,taught and accepted as "facts" even though they're not. (what do ya know just like religion)Beleiving in something without proof of it's existance is foolish.Taking those opinions and calling them "truth" is dangerous.Why? because your version of the "truth" and somebody else's will eventually conflict.Then what?Are people going start killing each other or something?They already are.For several thousand years now.Over a difference of opinion.I think everyone is entitled to theirs'but please know the difference before you go perpetuating a bunch of B.S........that's all I ask.
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what you're "entitled" to and what you deserve are two completely different things!

Remember that old saying"gimme gimme never gets"? I bet you haven't heard that one for a while right? That's probably because nowadays gimme gimme gets you a lot even though you don't deserve it at all. This culture of entitlement, fuelled by human laziness and petty jealousy (whining and crying about rich people)has spun out of control. I personally don't think that some crackhead with six kids on welfare deserves the same rights and privledges that I do.I'm quirky like that.Same goes for the "social worker" on the other side of the desk.What did they do for me? hand out cheques to the aforementioned crackhead and collect their outrageous salary,perks and paid vacations.So really they did nothing for me yet they're "entitled" to my money. It doesn't stop there,career students,25 dollar an hour button pushers,politicians and all the useless members of society,all want a piece of my cake.Generations of spoiled brats who only know how to take,yet give nothing in return,because some politician told them they're entitled to this,that and the other,in order to keep themselves in power. But it's all coming unravelled.With all these entitlements,the cost of goods and services has gone through the roof.Meanwhile the quality has gone into the toilet.That's because several people get paid for a job that's done by one person.The government uses meaningless terms like "job creation" which sounds great and everything,but just because a job was "created" doesn't mean there is any work being done.All those entitlements that they gave you are just going to evaporate when they take half your paycheck to pay for their entitlements. Leaving you with so little net income that you have to go into insurmountable debt to pay for your overpriced house,car and anything else you need to live a normal life.When you take something from one person and give it to another it doesn't accomplish anything all it does is stifle progress. And so here we are,in the middle of a major economic crisis,fighting amongst ourselves over who is entitled to what.Instead of bailing people out and giving them free rides,we should be more like the little red hen."You didn't help me make the cake so why should I let you have any?" make them get off their ass and bake their own cake.That's all I ask.
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It's certified!..........yeah right by who?

Being the CEO of a multi-national corporation,I'm always looking out for the best people available.Over the years,I've worked my way through the world of tradesmen,businessmen,architects and designers and I've come to the realization that "certified" is a term that has lost all meaning.Right up there with "common sense" and "honor system" just to name a couple.Certified used to mean qualified,experienced,an expert.Nowadays,you can be certified at something that you've never done in your life.For example,you could go on the internet (after you read this,of course)pay some money,answer a few multiple choice questions,and voila! you are now a certified forklift operator!How is this possible?It's a racket plain and simple.My apologies to those of you who studied hard and worked your butt off for your diploma, certificate, license or whatever,but it's now to the point where those pieces of paper do NOT instill confidence.As a matter of fact, in some trades,the red seal is a red flag.Carpenters have a funny saying,when a guy shows up and says "I'm a journeyman" and starts demanding all the things he thinks he's "entitled" to, the response is "OK journeyman,journey over to the lumber pile and get me some two by four" Why? because you people with your fancy certification don't know the difference between a classroom and the real world.That's part of the problem,the other part of the problem is who the hell is approving these certifications?the government?Oh great aren't these the same people that issued licenses to all these idiots who operate a motor vehicle yet have no business doing so? I could go on and on about all these people who are supposedly certified yet they can't do their job properly, but I don't have to,do I? You experience it everyday.Bad roads,polluted air and water,rampant crime and overpriced goods and services are all the work of people who we pay huge amounts of money to, that are supposed to be improving our lives,and are failing miserably,over and over again.Yet they still get paid and they still have jobs.So next time someone waves a piece of paper that says "certified" question it.And if you ever come to me for a job,leave your store-bought certificate where it the bottom of a birdcage.That's all I ask.
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Wanna make the world a better place?.....Stop Lying!

A while back someone accused me of lying.Of course,I got my nose out of joint and was forced to prove him wrong and stick it in his face like a house pet that just pooped on the rug.After tiring of this,I started to think about what Mr.Poopface said and began to reflect on my long illustrious career of lying.I realized that I hadn't told a lie in a long time.As a matter of fact,I couldn't remember the last time it happened.Mostly because I don't have a boss,spouse,children(unofficially the top 3 lie recipients in North America) and couldn't give a rat's ass what society thinks of me,but man I've been on a truth binge for a while and it feels pretty good. It's true that I usually want people to be like me,but even more so in this regard because lying does so much damage.And if you go back to my lie recipients list these are the people we shouldn't be lying to.There are always negative consequences to lying and rarely does anything good come out of it.From the little boy with his hand in the cookie jar,to the most powerful of politicians,lying hurts people,it costs people money,sometimes it even kills people.Now you may not be able to quit lying completely,I wouldn't want to spoil somebody's surprise party or ruin a good christmas gift. And eventhough I long for a world of hand held polygraph machines and sodium pentathol stands on every corner,it's probably not gonna happen.A simpler solution might be to just cut down on the B.S. that's all I ask.
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To the 99%.....please don't do me any favors!

One of my favorite cartoon characters (I have lots of them) is Mr.Burns. He's the greedy,horrible,and heartless owner of the Springfield nuclear plant on the Simpsons."You're evil even when you're trying to be nice" states Lisa Simpson the brainiac whiz kid who has a higher I.Q. than her brother and father combined,after a failed attempt to turn Mr.Burns into a better person.There's a message there. You can't change peolple,they have to want to change themselves.I'd like to pass that message on to the 99%.First of all,not all billionaires are like Mr.Burns.Some of them are,but it is doubtful that they will ever change.Conversely,not all members of the 99% are the caring,peaceful,righteous souls that they claim to be.The 1% as well as the 99% are made up of individuals.Both sides have individuals who are intelligent,educated and peaceful people who care about their families,friends,the planet and the less fortunate.Then there's the flipside.How many people in the 99% are horrible,violent dangerous beings with no conscience,no heart, no ambition and no brain? How many of them are pedophiles,rapists,thieves,drug dealers,murderers,shysters,wife beaters and the like? We don't know for sure,but people who over-generalize and lump me into the 99% aren't doing me any favors.The 99% also include the lazy,complacent,takers who say gimme gimme gimme and do nothing to return the favor. Why should I stand up for these people when really,they are my enemies? Then there's the people who are happy with things just the way they are.They're not rich, they're not poor they just go about their day to day business with a smile on their face.Maybe they don't want things to change.Maybe they just want you to leave them alone and mind your own business? Those occupists are taking it upon themselves to fight for the rights of people who don't deserve it or want it.So before you start patting yourself on the back for all the changes you claim to be making,think about who you are supposedly standing up for.That's all I ask.
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7 billion people on one planet?.....enough is enough!

You've probably already heard that the world's population has now reached 7 billion.Please forgive me for not dancing in the street celebrating.This milestone is nothing to be happy about,in fact it's time to worry.With the world in economic turmoil,how is it going to get any better when we're popping out 80 million people in one year? when I say "we" I mean the human race as a whole(I made the decision not to have children,and I stand by my decision)especially when millions of these children are brought into a life of poverty,war,sickness and starvation.I also get the feeling that somehow I'm going to end up picking up the tab for people who can't keep "it" in their pants.Of course there is those people who practice the lost concept of family planning.To these people,I say "good for you".I also realize that accidents do happen,but when they happen the parents should step up and do the right thing.What is the right thing?to me ,it's pretty simple:RAISE YOUR OWN CHILDREN!I'm already ticked of at the fact that as a single person with no kids I pay higher taxes than a person with eight children(beleive it or not,there's lots of them out there)as a matter of fact,in the backward country that I live in (Canada) you actually get rewarded for having more children.Please explain to me why a person who never had children is paying more than a family that consumes eight times as much,uses the roads eight times as much and in a lot of cases,puts eight times as much strain on the system.Like I said,backward.I shouldn't have to clean up the mess that someone else made,nor should I have to foot the bill for their health,education and safety.This should be the responsibility of the parents.Unfortunately,the reponsible always pick up the tab for the irresponsible.This has to change,NOW! Then there's the church (I don't care which one)with their outdated beleif system,that says birthcontrol is a sin.Well isn't having sex out of wedlock a sin?isn't killing people a sin?there's a long list of sins that are committed millions of times a day.Hell must be one busy place! All religions are renowned for their hypocrisy, and they certainly aren't doing me or anybody else a favour by telling people to bring more children into this screwed up world.Don't you think it's time society started using common sense or logic to dictate their actions instead of answering to "gods". In the end,peolple need to realize that when they have sex,there's always the possibility that someone's going to get knocked up.Start asking "what if?"before you go roll in the hay, try and use some foresight instead of hindsight.Children require a lot of attention,love,patience and CASH!If you are gonna go frolicking,make sure you're "up" for the challenge!(pun intended)otherwise get a vasectomy,get your tubes tied, use a condom,the pill,diaphragm etc. there's lots of way to avoid unwanted pregnancies just be reponsible!that's all I ask.
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"There's not a lot we can do about it".Yes there is.......Your JOB!

There's a disturbing trend in the world these days,people who get paid to do a job and don't really do anything at all.Over the past couple of years or so,I've heard the phrase"there's not a lot we can do about it" way too many times.I've heard it from the cops,I've heard it from the phone company,the cable company and yes, even from a doctor.You name it,and they all seem to have this universal response.If there's not a lot you can do then why do you even have a job?In my world,if I hired you and you tell me "there's not a lot I can do" I would tell you "thanks for coming but I don't pay salaries to people who don't accomplish anything".Unfortunately,not enough people live in my world.They all get paychecks and perks and paid vacations no matter what,even if they don't help me in any way.If they are providing a service and then tell me "there's not a lot we can do about it" why should I pay for it.If I have a broken down car,I take it to a mechanic,he fixes it,then I pay him.If I need a haircut,I go to a barber.If any of them said "there's not a lot I can do" I would take my business elsewhere. But when you're dealing with monopolies,faceless corporations and worst or all,the govenment,you can't take your business elsewhere.The powers that be know they've got you right where they want you,between a rock and a hard place.If you want a phone or cable or somewhere to cash your checks you have to give them your money,if your dealing with govenment services (which a lot of people will never use in their lifetime)you don't have any choice because they take the money before it even reaches your pocket.I would like to see a world where if I don't use it, I shouldn't have to pay for it.Basically,if I need you I'll call you.If I call you and you say"there's not a lot we can do about it" I'm not paying you.It's no secret that a lot of people are living beyond their means, but maybe they wouldn't be if they weren't paying the salaries and pensions of the seemingly endless parade of managers,administrators,supervisors and co-ordinators who claim to be doing so much for you.By the time all of them are paid there's little money left for the services they are supposedly providing, when really satisfying customers should be their top priority.The nurses at my local hospital are hurting bad for supplies and staff,but all these "health care professionals"(whatever that is)have new oak desks and a great tan from the vacation that you and I paid for.They're not looking out for you,It's every man for himself.I don't have a problem with that but when you tell me "there's not a lot we can do" it stops me from taking care of myself.I don't mind helping people,but when people entitle themselves to what's mine,and give me nothing in return I do have a serious problem with that.I don't want to see anybody unemployed,but do your job!instead of saying "there's not a lot we can do about it"that's all I ask!
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