Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 in 3-D

In 5 Words or Less A sufficient ending.
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Snapshot No, I have not read the books. No, I did not know how it ended until I saw the movie. Overall, I have been a fan of the series of Harry Potter movies since the beginning. First off, you can skip the 3-D option for this one because there really aren't very many in-your-face moments worthy of the 3-D effect and having to wear those glasses just isn't worth the trouble of being distracted from the general plot and cinematography, which are lovely.

So, we all know that this is the final film that captures the epic battle between good and bad witches and wizards and (***SPOILER ALERT***) predictably, Harry saves the world from the no-nosed Ralph Fiennes character, Lord Voldemort and his clan. It truly is a lovely story about courage, friendship and love and that was all good but I felt the "19 Years Later" epilogue was extremely weak. Yes, I've heard that that's how it ends in the book but truth be told, it was not translated well in the film. Come on, I've been watching these movies for the last 10 years and this is the kind of ending you leave me with? The film is definitely worth watching (in 2-D) for the sake of witnessing the culmination of Harry's purpose and adventures throughout the last seven films but if you can get yourself to walk as soon as you see the "19 Years Later" screenshot, DO IT!
Acting Good. No one will receive an award nomination for acting but David Yates is a notable director and definitely did a stupendous job on making everything feel and look darker.