George Thorogood & The Destroyers

2120 South Michigan Ave.

by Noel Edge (August 2011)

In 5 Words or Less I've got the Thorogood blues!!!
Value Paid $10 » Worth $8
Affiliation with KNEW GEN None
Explicit? Nope
Genre and Mood Rock, rhythm & blues
Notable Tracks "Going Back" (new original), "High Heel Sneakers", "Seventh Son", "Let It Rock", "Two Trains Running" (classic blues tune), "Help Me" and "Chicago Bound"
Songwriting & Musicianship This is a tribute album to the great artists that graced the "Chess Records" label. There are two new tunes though; "Willie Dixon's Gone" and "Going Back" (the better of the two). GT&T add their own flavor to the classic covers. Lyrical themes of Chicago, lovin', losin', leavin', sweet home Chicago, a couple shots o' whiskey (...oh, and did I mention Chicago?) overlay the rockin' rhythm & blues tunes.

I don't need to say anything about the stellar quality of George Thorogood's voice and guitar playing, or the musical mastery of The Destroyers. George's voice sounds as good as it did decades ago and The Destroyers are solid as a rock. There is also some outstanding guitar work on this album (check out "Two Trains Running" and "Mama Talk To Your Daughter"). The album boasts a few guests whose names you might recognize: Chuck Berry, Buddy Guy and Charlie Musselwhite.
Production Crisp and clean, with some dirty (when they wanna be) guitars thrown in. Brilliantly mixed aside from one blemish: the percussion is over-mixed on "Bo Diddley". Hats off to producer Tom Hambridge!
What Else You Should Know Regrettably, I've never seen these boys live...somehow it just hasn't worked out. But, unless there's another natural disaster here on the East Coast that prevents me from gettin' to The Wellmont Theatre in Montclair, NJ on October 1st, I'm puttin' that regret behind me. Can't wait for the show!

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