Foo Fighters

"Wasting Light (Deluxe Version)"

by Noel Edge (April 2011)

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Affiliation with KNEW GEN None
Explicit? Nope
Genre and Mood Alternative rock: upbeat, but melancholy at times, with a helpin' of bitterness added to the mix.
Notable Tracks "Rope", "Miss the Misery", "I Should Have Known" and "These Days". "Limo" rocks and the Ministry-like vocals add a fresh dimension to the album. Unfortunately, "Rope (Deadmau5 mix)" is disappointing. During the first 30 seconds of the song, I thought that The Flight of the Conchords might make a guest appearance on this tune (they should have, as it could have used some goofy lyrics to match the music).
Songwriting & Musicianship The lyrics mostly focus on social relationships. The vocals are unmistakably Dave. Most of the tunes bleed the Foo formula: upbeat and melodic, with anthem-like choruses. Although, I think that the formula is getting a little too predictable and the choruses don't burn into your memory as quickly as was the case with past albums. Some of the bridge work and pre-choruses (listen to "A Matter of Time" for example) are weak as well.

Overall, the musicianship is solid, but average (other than the drumming). With two future hall-of-fame drummers in the band, it almost seems like a waste to have only one of them get behind the kit on the album. Who would have thought that with Dave Grohl in the band, another drummer could live up to expectations. Taylor Hawkins is, once again, fantastic at the thrown.
Production The Foo Fighters, together with Butch Vig, have outdone themselves on the production front. Recorded in Dave's garage, Wasting Light puts a new-age spin on the full, round sound of old-school rock production. The only thing that is over-mixed at times is the kick drum (listen to the chorus in "A Matter of Time" for example). Otherwise, an excellent job!
What Else You Should Know Pat Smear is back in the lineup, which is great. Guest appearances include Bob Mould (Hüsker Dü) and Krist Novocelic (Nirvana). Lemmy (Motorhead) appears in the "Limo" video - there could be no-one more trustworthy at the wheel!

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