Eleventh Ward

Northern Soul (Hoboken, NJ)

by Noel Edge

In 5 Words or Less These boys got talent!
Affiliation with KNEW GEN None
Genre Indie
Performance & Production Well, another pleasant surprise at the Northern Soul in Hoboken, NJ. The first time I saw Chris Saunders, he was a solo act. Now he's made it a trio by teaming up with Scott Gawrych & Greg Llewellyn. A very good move!

You don't go to the Northern Soul to see bands for the production value, you go for the music. And Eleventh Ward delivered! They've got some well written, catchy tunes.  Their performance was entertaining (lots of interaction with the crowd) and well executed. Some excellent lead guitar work, solid bass playin' and strong vocals sealed the deal. While a few of their tunes failed to grab my attention, most of the 9 song set really stood out (i.e. "Almost Home", "The Stranger", "I Didn't Try", "One Sweet Day" and "Road to Jacks"). Their sound you ask? Folky...upbeat and rockin...mellow and nostalgic...even funky at times. Maybe as time passes the band's musical identity will become more focused. Then again, maybe they'll keep with the eclectic approach. I don't think they'll loose out either way.
What Else You Should Know I'd like to see the band at a larger venue (while small bars provide an intimate setting, there's something to be said for "big sound"). I wanna hold off from seeing the band again though for a couple months. Don't get me wrong, I like them and I think they show lots of promise, I just think they could use a little more time to gel/define who they are so that every tune jumps off the stage and grabs you by the ears.
Update Eleventh Ward got a drummer! Visit their site at

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