Colt Ford

"Every Chance I Get"

by Noel Edge (May 2011)

In 5 Words or Less Country-hip-hop? Hmmm...
Value Paid $10 » Worth $4
Affiliation with KNEW GEN None
Explicit? "Titty's Beer" (Need I say more?)
Genre and Mood Colt Ford put together a mix of country rock and rap/hip-hop. "Every Chance I Get" is rockin' at times, sometimes comical and often country.
Notable Tracks "Waste Some Time", "This is Our Song" and "Titty's Beer" (hilarious).
Songwriting & Musicianship Songwriting is where the "rubber meets the road" (or, for the most part, doesn't) on this album. Generally, the songs are a blend of country and rap, and it largely doesn't work. While "Waste Some Time" is the best country/rap tune on the album, with "This is Our Song" taking the runner up prize (although the second verse almost pushed the tune off the "Notable Tracks" list above), the rest of the songs fail in their attempt to mesh the two styles.  But there are some good country-rock guitar riffs on "Work it Out" and "Every Chance I get", and some catchy choruses sprinkled throughout the album.

The song themes are generally very blue-collar country: love, booze, guns, trucks, patriotism, religion, etc. (and there's nothing wrong with that). But the lyric writing on this album is weak and the rhyme schemes are elementary and largely predictable. Yes, Idaho rhymes with Colorado, Nebraska with Alaska, etc. The keys to solid rap/hip-hop rhyming are sophistication and creativity. I didn't expect Colt Ford to rival Eminem, but "pass the jug around...get drunker than Cooter Brown" is, well, just plain corny.

The musicianship is average, but some of the guest performers' vocals stand out. Traditional country instruments, such as the harmonica, slide and steel guitars, and fiddle are somewhat underused on the album.
Production The production on this album is average. The drum and guitar sounds are decent. The bass and some of the traditional country instruments are sometimes under-mixed (see if you can detect the banjo that nearly fades to nothingness in the chorus to "Do It With My Eyes Closed" for example).
What Else You Should Know A host of star guest performers doesn't guarantee that an album will be great. I hope Colt Ford's next project takes it up a few notches.

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