Christina Alessi (solo performance)

Northern Soul (Hoboken, NJ)

by Noel Edge

In 5 Words or Less Thursday night...who wudda thought!
Affiliation with KNEW GEN None
Genre and Mood Soul, blues and indie rock. Generally mellow, but upbeat at times.
Songwriting & Musicianship Christina Alessi's songwriting approach is formulaic...keep it simple and memorable. I found myself humming the last tune while waiting for the next one to begin.

Her guitar and keyboard work was pretty much standard, but her dynamic voice drove the music. During her set (which was too short and left the crowd wanting more (which is a good thing)) her vocals ranged from soft, breathy and soothing to powerful, melodic and haunting. She had exceptional control over her voice, a great range and stayed on key. 
What Else You Should Know Usually when you happen on a small venue like the Northern Soul for "band night", you get an earful of lackluster songwriting and sub-par talent. Occasionally, you get the pleasure of experiencing something more. While there may be a million performers out there looking for a shot at the "big time", Christina Alessi deserves a chance to pull the trigger. I'm lookin' forward to hearing more from her!

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