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In the Beginning...

Hmmm...we are actually just beginning, so there's really not much of a story to tell at this point. But, our approach to Web media is driven by basic values, such as integrity and respect. We don't have an agenda, other than to provide you with un-sensationalistic opinions and reviews that are insightful and constructive. KNEWGEN's content is diverse: serious, humorous, informative, entertaining, etc.

We've adopted a unique standard for reviewing albums, food and other products. "Four out of five stars", "platinum, gold and silver", etc., don't really have much meaning. We quantify value by simply stating what we paid for a something and telling you what we think it's actually worth. We may think that an album that cost us $8 is worth every penny, but if that same album were to cost us $12, we might think it's worth $8, $12 or something in between. And whatever you pay for a product should not be more than what we pay since we make our purchases in the open market. Hopefully, this approach helps you make more informed choices. If we have an "affiliation" with an artist, product, etc., then we'll tell you that in our review. If we advertise for someone, we'll review their product fairly (even if that means we lose their business). In fact, we'd rather advertise quality products only.

We encourage you to post your thoughts on our blog pages and contact our contributors, because we want your feedback and suggestions. So bookmark us and become a member of the KNEWGENeration!

The Growing Years...

I'm sure we'll feel plenty of growing pains.

Where we're going...

 Not quite sure yet, but we're certain that you'll help us decide.