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What's Knew?

Bill Belichcik on StormDeflateGate: The transcript from Coach B.B. about the NYC snowfall deflation conspiracy:

When I came in Tuesday morning, I was shocked to learn of the news reports about the snowstorm in NYC.  The media was expecting 2 or 3 feet of snow and less than a foot accumulated.  I would say I've learned a lot more about snow accumulation in the last twenty four hours than I knew or have talked about in the last 40 years that I have coached in the NFL.

I can tell you that in my entire coaching career I have never talked to anyone about snow accumulation.  That is not a subject that I have ever brought up.  To me the amount of snowfall is predicted by the"meteorologists".  That's the only way that I have ever thought about that.

The NFL is investigating this situation.  We have cooperated fully, quickly and completely with every request that they have made.  I have no explanation for what happened regarding the deflated amount of snow that fell in NYC during Storm Juno.  Although it wasn't 2 or 3 feet, at least NYC got a solid few inches.

It's unfortunate that this is a story coming off of a storm with great expectations.  But neither me nor anyone in the Patriots organization had anything to do with deflating Storm Juno's expected snow accumulation in NYC.

NYC Snowstorm CoverageHere's how the media is reporting NYC's "historic" snowstorm of 2015:

Pre-storm: storm will be "historic"; brace yourselves for "stormageddon"; empty out the shelves of your local grocery store now!

During storm: we need to preempt regular scheduled programming to show on-the-scene reporters talking about how a light dusting is just the beginning; wait, there's much less snow than expected so far, but how bad could it be?; it might not be historic, but it could definitely be an inconvenience!

Post-Storm:  How did the New England Patriots deflate the NYC snowstorm?  #StormGate 2015...

This just in on DeflateGate!  An anonymous source close to the investigation of the New England Patriots says that the NFL is looking into the possibility that certain Baltimore Ravens personnel may have had a hand in deflating the footballs used by the Patriots in the first half of the AFC Championship Game.  The source indicated that one or more persons associated with the Ravens organization may have paid the ball boy to mishandle the Patriots balls in an attempt to cast a negative cloud over the Patriots organization and to avenge the Ravens loss the previous week.  Can you say "conspiracy"? RavensGate? PatriotsHateGate? We expect this type of behavior from our politicians, but NFL players?

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